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Extended Trusts: Conserving Your Estate for Your Beneficiaries

Mar 02-2015

You have worked hard to earn, save, and grow your assets during your lifetime.  When you pass away, do you really want all of your estate to be distributed to your beneficiaries immediately, and all in one lump sum?
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Think About Staggered Trust Distributions

Nov 18-2013

How should your assets be distributed once you pass away?  Who should get what?  These are some of the most important decisions you make when you create an estate plan.  But if you have a Trust, or are thinking about creating one, you have another decision to make: when should the Trustee distribute your assets?
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How to Avoid Probate?

Mar 22-2013

So why does almost everyone want to avoid probate?  First, it can be expensive.  For an estate valued at $500,000 in California, for example, the executor and attorney handling the probate each receive a statutory or minimum fee of $13,000.  For an estate valued at $1,000,000, the statutory fee is $23,000 each.  Second, probate can be time consuming.  It is common for the entire probate process to take at least a year before any assets can be distributed to the beneficiaries. 
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Pet Trusts

Mar 07-2012

For many of us, our pets are more than friends and companions; they are part of the family. Providing for pets in your estate plan can ensure that they will have a safe home and will be well taken care of when you can no longer do so.
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How Often Should Legal Documents Be Reviewed?

Nov 01-2011

How Often Should Legal Documents Be Reviewed? Prudent persons periodically review and update their legal documents. Just how often depends on the document and which circumstances have changed.
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