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Business Law: LLCs, Corporations and Partnerships

We understand that your shop, your service, your practice, are your first priority, driven by your passion.  The business you run, to provide your service or product, represents your livelyhood, and your future financial security.  Our goal is to help you set up and maintain the most appropriate and effective structure for your business.

Your business must be organized to suit your product or service, your style and your clientele.  We customize our work to meet your needs while providing a full range of business law services.  Our attorneys are ready to assist you in banking and finance law, negotiations, planning, transactional law, acquisition, mergers, environmental issues, divestiture, sales, litigations, intellectual properties, labor and civil law issues.

Below are the most common standard business structures:

Sole Proprietorship
, when you are the only owner of the business.

Partnership, which can be a regular partnership, a general partnership, a limited partnership or a limited liability partnership.

Corporation, an association, with a continuous existence independent of the existence of its individual members, and powers and liabilities distinct from those of its members.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
, a hybrid formation that provides personal liability protection similar to a corporation, with the flexibility and tax advantages of a single proprietorship or partnership.

We are ready to assist you to determine and establish the most appropriate structure for your business.

If your business is subject to major changes in business partners, owners, management or directors, you want as little or no interruption to the flow of business and income.  As important as the type of business you create, we help you avoid this uncertainty by working with you to create a plan for your
business succession.